A reference in Gipuzkoa,
since 1924

Eleven points of sale, with a personal service and facilities in operation at all times

Our vocation is our customers’ satisfaction. We are committed to our employees and suppliers and set ourselves targets for sustainable growth from a social and environmental viewpoint.

Network of gas stations in the north
service stations in Gipuzkoa
Basque Country rest areas

Efficiency, our reason for being

On-the-road solutions tailored to your needs

24-hour gas stations

Product quality

All fuels are effective, but not all of them are efficient

We demand and certify the best quality available from leading brands and offer it at the best price. There are cheaper products, but they are not the same. There are more expensive products, but they are not better.

repsol gas stations

Long opening hours and a varied supply

Our stations are ready to meet all your needs on the road. Our stores are open up to 24 HOURS for you to enjoy a coffee or wash your vehicle. Our facilities are always clean and ready for use.

automatic car washes

Vocation to service

We are committed to providing a personal service

We respect the rights of all consumers and guarantee safety when refuelling. Our salespeople are trained to help and advise you at all times. Maintaining employment is everyone's social responsibility.

Permanent environmental commitment

Permanent environmental commitment

We run our business based on the highest respect for the environment. We certify the transfer of the fuel from the refinery to your tank. The waste generated at our stations and carwash facilities is removed by certified companies, all discharges are controlled and we use biodegradable products and low-consumption facilities.