Our service stations provide a personal service and clean facilities in working order at all times.

Petrobask places priority on the quality of its products and its business management primes respect for the environment.

Gipuzkoa service area

In every operation from the refining process to the refuelling of your vehicle, Petrobask guarantees compliance with current regulations, extending said compliance when technological innovation makes it possible to improve safety and respect for the environment.

All our service stations are certified by BUREAU VERITAS as compliant with the UNE 175001-6 standard for quality and commercial service.

Environmental responsibility includes the final processing of our products according to authorised systems and regulations.

Petrobask's commitment to the quality of its products involves the acquisition of fuels from LEADING BRANDS and we exclude wholesalers who do not guarantee products with the highest degree of development and innovation. This practice ranges from fuels (fuel savings, reduction of polluting emissions and lubrication, etc.) to consumables such as biodegradable vehicle shampoos and waxes or the use of recycled office material.

Gipuzkoa service area